Publications using the EPD

The number of synthetic studies using the EPD per year since the beginning and pollen data published in Grana per year since 2007 by palynologists are rising.

The new management structure of the EPD has started in 2007 at an Open Scientific Meeting organized in Aix-en-Provence by Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu (CNRS, Emeritus) and Richard Bradshaw (Professor in University of Liverpool). These meeting gathered new palynologists, new contributors, and more scientists involved in the life of the EPD. Since that meeting, the EPD has doubled pollen data in 7 years. There are currently 1636 sites (2113 entities) ranged from North Africa to North Asia but most of them are located in Europe.

EPD sites-map

Incomplete list of publications and thesis using the EPD since the begenning of the EPD:


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