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Mapping and Data Accuracy Group

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Utrecht Meeting March 2008

Bonn Meeting September 2008


The aim of the group to be is the production of a paleo-vegetation atlas, based on the EPD, and a synthesis article based on this atlas, both of which will be products of the 'EPD mapping group'. This work is important as it will be a flagship project for the new shinier EPD, and ideally, we should have some results to present at the meeting in Bonn next year.

This work will be split into two stages. First, and most important, we need to obtain a subset of sites from the database which will be used for the mapping. For this, we will need to examine the available sites and identify and correct problems when found, or reject the sites if they cannot be corrected. This will also have an immediate benefit from the EPD, as all errors that are flagged can then by corrected in the database. In addition, we can use this opportunity to contact the authors of restricted data to ask if they would be willing to a) let us use the data in the project and b) eventually remove the restriction in the database. This data subset will be available for individual projects once the atlas is established.

The second task will be the production of maps from this subset of data. The maps can take a number of forms, including individual taxa, vegetation groups and possibly some analytical maps.



The aim is to check the pollen data and age-depth model (where this exists):

Examples of errors:

Database and Site list

For a copy of the database used in Access format or the site list, please contact Simon Brewer (brewer(at)

PolDiv1 Country NoCores Responsable
AUT Austria 10 Simon
BLR Belarus 25 Thomas
BEL Belgium 13 Simon
BGR Bulgaria 21 Simon
CZE Czech Republic 31 Petr
DNK Denmark 2 Thomas
EST Estonia 19 Thomas
FRO Faroe Islands 3 Thomas
FIN Finland 34 Thomas
FRA France 145 Anne
GEO Georgia 10 N/A
DEU Germany 9 Norbert
GRC Greece 22 Walter
HUN Hungary 5 Simon
ISL Iceland 7 Simon
IRN Iran, Islamic Republic of 3 Simon
IRL Ireland 11 Ralph
ISR Israel 1 Walter
ITA Italy 20 Walter
KAZ Kazakhstan 5 N/A
LVA Latvia 1 Simon
LTU Lithuania 9 Thomas
LUX Luxembourg 7 Norbert
MNG Mongolia 19 N/A
NLD Netherlands 6 Norbert
NOR Norway 14 Thomas
POL Poland 42 Petr
PRT Portugal 12 Graciela
RUS Russia 77 Simon/Thomas
SVK Slovakia 8 Petr
ESP Spain 34 Graciela/Anne
SWE Sweden 57 Thomas
CHE Switzerland 7 Walter
SYR Syrian Arab Republic 3 Walter
TUR Turkey 25 Walter
UKR Ukraine 28 Petr
GBR United Kingdom 87 Ralph

Map of Sites

Sites west of 50° East

Sites east of 50° East