Thursday 18th March 1999
Faculté de Saint Jérôme, Marseille

Sheila Hicks (Oulu)
Pollen influx from the Arctic fring: indicators of both tree density and climate

Tiiu Koff (Tallin)
Pollen concentration variations in lake sediments from Estonia

Thomas Litt (Bonn) :
Bio- and chronostratigraphical problems of the late glacial in NW
Germany based on annually laminated sediments.

Bas Van Geel (Amsterdam):
Evidence for solar forcing of climate change based on paleo-records

Eric Grimm (Sprinfield, Il.)
Long Records of Vegetation and Climate Change from Florida and
Correspondence with North Atlantic Climate Events

Spassimir Tonkov (Sofia):
Recent progress in palaeoecology of mountain lakes in Bulgaria.

Ramon Pérez i Obiol (Barcelona)
Ariduseuromed project: palynological sequences in Mediterranean areas of Spain

Chronis Tzedakis (Cambridge)
Vegetation changes during the last interglacial in Greece

Cesare Ravazzi and Sabina Rossi (Milan)
The long varved interval of the Pianico succession in the Lombardian prealps: stratigraphy and pollen diagram

Maurice Reille (Marseille)
A pollen record of the last five climatic cycles in France