The Global Pollen Database GPD

Eric Grimm

The global pollen database (GPD) resides at the World Data Center-A for Paleoclimatology in Boulder and is mirrored at Medias-France in Toulouse. The GPD is available from the Web sites of both of these institutions. The North American Pollen Database is part of the GPD and no longer exists as a separate database. Once data are completed in the Tilia spreadsheets and forms, they are submitted directly to Boulder where they are incorporated into the GPD. The other pollen databases also follow this procedure. The present contributions to the GPD are as follows:

Number of sites in the GPD (excluding surface samples):

African Pollen Database
European Pollen Database
Indo-Pacific Pollen Database
Latin American Pollen Database
North American Pollen Database
Pollen Database for Siberian and Russian Far East

 A backlog exists of 26 sites for the Indo-Pacific Pollen Database and about 20 sites for the Pollen Database for Siberian and Russian Far East. The non-restricted data from the EPD are slated for inclusion into the EPD.
Eric Grimm has submitted a proposal to the U.S. National Science Foundation for continued funding of the North American Pollen Database and for a workshop in Boulder to coordinate the Global Pollen Database. Andre Lotter and Rachid Cheddadi would represent the EPD at this meeting. The participants will address a number of common concerns for development of the global database, including taxonomic issues. Although all pollen taxa identified by analysts in the EPD are retained in the GPD, the taxonomic hierarchy for the global database is necessarily different from the EPD. Because of these modifications to the hierarchy, the EPD will remain available as a separate database with all of its taxonomic precision.