Training sessions, at which trainees learnt how to use TILIA and other database software, and how to manage data efficiently, were held in Arles for few visitors from Poland and Russia. The central DB in Arles is planning to organise a series of training courses for the use of the pollen DB. These courses are aimed to promote the use of the EPD and introduce more colleagues to the concept of paleoecological DB's. Such courses have already been organized several times in the past. Practically, each participant could bring his (her) own scientific questions that the group uses as a pratical exercise. The training courses will last two to three days and will involve a group of 8 to10 persons. Basic computer experience is required. If you are interested please contact the central database (, giving the following information:

  • Name:
  • Institution:
  • Research interest:
  • Computer experience: Basic / Good / Expert