A Listserver for the EPD: EPD-L

The European Pollen Database List is a forum for keeping both contributors to the database and potential users of the database informed of database developments. News shared via the list will include: information about when and how to access EPD newsletters, queries concerning data, instructions about contributing data, ongoing or planned projects which use EPD data, reference lists of publications involving EPD data, and information about software for visualizing EPD data. The database, which contains Pleistocene pollen sequences, can be accessed via <http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/paleo/epd.html> or, more directly in Europe via Medias (http://medias.meteo.fr/paleo/epd.html) or can be obtained on disc from the centre in Arles, France. Requests and individual specific queries should be addressed to the database manager at: rachid.cheddadi@univ.u-3mrs.fr

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