New Web/Software Tools of Interest to the Pollen Community

Introducing SiteSeer on the Web: WDC's WebMapper

(John Keltner)

The World Data Center for Paleoclimatology has developed an applet for displaying Pollen Database sites that runs in Java-enabled Web browsers. This Web applet's main feature is a zoomable map for quickly locating sites of interest. Once a site has been located and selected, the user may view the metadata or a summary pollen diagram, or download the raw data. Future enhancements will include querying capabilities and printing. WebMapper will also soon be extended to handle other data types, in addition to pollen. To explore WebMapper click on an area of the map located on one these WDC sites:

(WebMapper requires you to be running a Netscape or Internet Explorer browser of version 4 or higher, with a Java Virtual Machine installed. Macintosh users may have to meet some additional requirements, see the accompanying Help page.)


(Eric Grimm)

TGView is a Windows (95 and above) program that views and prints *.tgf files generated by the DOS version of Tilia-Graph. The program will read *.tgf files versions 1.10 through 1.26. An important feature of the program is that it will print to any printer supported by Windows. Because DOS drivers do not exist for many newer printers, this feature alleviates a major shortcoming of Tilia-Graph. The program also uses Windows TrueType fonts. TGView is the first step in the production of the full Tilia-Graph for Windows. More information is available on the Tilia webpage.