The EPD and Multiproxy Databases

Following the various discussions which have taken place during the past year regarding the EPD and its involvement in a multiproxy database which is being planned in connection with the PAGES PEP III initiative, the AB has produced the following statement:

1. The EPD should maintain its independence and continue to operate in its present form, in particular to ensure taxonomic and data quality control. We also wish to maintain our present good relationship with World Data Center for Paleoclimatology (Boulder).

2. The AB strongly support the concept of a multiproxy database provided that:
   (a) the EPD remains the site where data are contributed and are then forwarded to the multiproxy site after appropriate quality control;
   (b) any such multiproxy database is widely accessible and practical to use.

3. Provided that these conditions are fulfilled, the EPD would welcome any European initiative to develop a multiproxy database. The PEP III group is leading an initiative in this area; it was agreed that the three members of the Executive Committee should represent the EPD in further negotiations with that group.