How to Participate in the European Pollen Database

Joining the discussions on the EPD wiki is one way to participate in and help guide the development of the European Pollen Database. It's easy!

What is a wiki?
A wiki is a collaborative website that can be directly edited by anyone with access to it. That includes you. The word, wiki is abbreviated from WikiWikiWeb (the first wiki software), from the Hawaiian wikiwiki (quick) + the English web. You can learn more about wikis from Wikipedia, which is itself a wiki.
Using the EPD wiki.
Navigate or use the wiki Toolbox to find the discussions that interest you and join in. Once you are in the wiki help is available by clicking on DOKUWIKI (the name of the wiki software) at the bottom of the page.
The EPD wiki is open to everyone to browse and read. To create or edit pages you must Login with your user name and password. These are set when you Register as a new user. Registration is a one-time process, and very simple. Thereafter you only need to Login when you want to add or edit pages.
Join the EPD Support Groups
9 Working Groups are involved in the EPD. If you want to take part in their work visit the EPD Support Groups wiki page.
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