About the European Pollen Database

The European Pollen Database (EPD) is a non-profit structure made available free of charge to the scientific community. An Administrative Structure exists to provide scientific guidance and oversight for the database. The EPD is managed on a volunteer basis. New data are accepted from contributors and added to the database continuously. Users of the database can help improve the database by informing the Database Manager of any errors they find in the data.

Following the open meeting of the EPD in May 2007, all aspects of the operation of the database are being debated and developed by an open working group co-ordinated by Richard Bradshaw (richard.bradshaw@liv.ac.uk) and Valérie Andrieu-Ponel (valerie.andrieu@univ-amu.fr). You can take part in this process by contacting them. Described below are the original EPD protocols and administration.

The EPD is hosted in France in the IMBE laboratory (Mediterranean Institute of marine and terrastrial Biodiversity and Ecology) in Aix-en-Provence. The EPD has been financed by the Aix-Marseille University since 2007.

Prior to using the database, you are urged to carefully read the Protocols of the European Pollen Database.

The EPD Board consists of an elected chairperson, the spokespersons of the EPD Support Groups, and the EPD Database manager. The EPD chairperson coordinates the Support Group activity and represents the EPD. The Chairperson is elected by EPD contributors and scientists having a bona fide interest in the EPD, who must register in advance with the database manager. Nominees for the office of EPD chairpserson need to be proposed before the elections by a proposer and seconder. The term of office of four years, re-election is possible. The EPD Support Groups support the database manager. The spokespersons of the Suppport Groups are chosen by the groups themselves. Interested scientists are encouraged to join the Support Groups. The Vice-chairmanship of the board is roteted amongst the Support Group spokespersons.

Current European Pollen Database

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